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the end of time

A little update on the end of the world

I don’t want to ruin your day, if you didn’t know about it, but our beautiful blue planet is on borrowed time. I am not talking here about the impact of human activity, global warming or the exponential acceleration of human bullshit. Neither am I talking about a mysterious recently discovered asteroid or an impending alien invasion that has been hidden from us. No… I’m just talking about the programmed and inevitable demise of our mothership.

Indeed, our Sun made up its mind to extend such that he should roast our good old planet Earth, like an organic potato left on a barbecue, to the point of vaporizing all life on its surface.

The good news for you is that all of this should only happen in a few billion years … enough time for you to make your descendants geniuses who will know how to teleport themselves, in complete safety, beyond the destructive sphere of our despot star.

We are all reassured now! I thought for one minute that I was not going to end this day alive … especially since I had things to do, it did not suit me too much to die like that on the run.

I can see you coming with your heavy boots: « if finally we are all going to die disguised as charcoal, we don’t see the point of saving this planet, we go back to our sofa to watch TV & drink our fresh beer ».
Yes indeed my little fellow, human nature being what it is, I understand that the idea of the disappearance of the planet in several billion years or that global warming does not affect us too much, here in South of France, since my swimming pool is always TOO COLD! So we could leave it to our neighbour to deal with the mess that we have created… or in a moment of lucidity, think that the human race is harmful to its ecosystem, so we could only wish for its disappearance as quickly as possible.

If you’ve watched the TV show called “The Collapse” (L’effondrement / Canal +), you know what to expect (but since you are a regular viewer of “The Walking Dead” show, you already have advanced notions of survivalism). For those who have missed it or do not have a TV … this anticipation show based on the theory of collapse (collapsology) shows us concretely what our daily life would look like in the very near future (by the end of 2030), following the crossing of this point of no return (climatic, ecological, energy) which having resulted in a disruption of natural balances (theorized in a concept of a new geological era called the “anthropocene”) would lead straight ahead to the decline of our consumerist civilization.

I refer you to the website of the Momentum Institute (, whose president is Yves Cochet, former French Minister of the Environment (2001), to understand the scenarios and transition strategies.

Indeed… but in the end, nothing very positive; and you know my prone to a positive attitude no matter what. So I could not, at this point, return to my occupations, without looking for some solutions for better days as we approach this end of the world.

Be prepared

Your New Year’s resolutions were to quit smoking and to get active? We will have to complete them with a few others. Let’s go !

Go before it is too late to the Survivalism Show from March 20 to 22, 2020, to prepare for the occurrence of the risks mentioned above.

Take gardening lessons and train in different techniques in order to achieve food self-sufficiency ( in a Sustainable Autonomous Base (

Integrate or build a self-managed community (eco-village, participatory housing, intentional communities…). I point you to a few websites for more information on eco friendly place:

Le Hameau des Buis :
Ecolonie :
Ecovillage de Pourgues :
Centre agroécologique des Amanins :
Le Cammas Blanc :
La Semblada :

to be continued…

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