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Since 2014

Oh là là, Bravo !

The Oh là là, Bravo! Project came to life in February 2014 as an online magazine and business directory..

For the small history

Due to our primary profession (communication agency), we were led to meet a lot of enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and talented craftsmen who did not necessarily have, in our opinion, visibility and recognition that truly highlights their talents. We thought, naively, that by mastering the technology, we could create something that would allow us to take all these little people with us.

But like many altruistic and voluntary projects, motivation is not enough and the economic reality quickly caught up with us, the stakeholders were caught up in their daily lives, priority to customers, and the project was put to sleep.

Back to the future

After several years of absence, Oh là là, Bravo! is back. Always with the same passion and the same team of volunteers. We are not necessarily better prepared with a business plan … but it is secondary for the moment. We do what we love, discovering and telling stories, meeting people and that is the most important for us.

The project having matured (and us with it), we decided to develop the concept, to no longer claim “Made in France” as our workhorse, but rather to hoist a banner more in line with our personal convictions. Indeed, it posed a real problem of conscience to us to bring forward certain activities or products under the sole pretext that they were stamped “made in France”, in spite of all the respect which one could have had for its creator.

Oh là là, Bravo is dead ! Long live Oh là là, Bravo !

Our wish remains the same, namely, to maintain an online magazine, a thematic directory and a community with the aim of highlighting the actors of “Responsible Made in France”: the companies and associations which work every day to change lifestyle and consumption habits of everyone.

In the spotlight, associations and professionals in the sectors:

  • organic production (breeding, agriculture, manufacturing…),
  • organic promotion associations,
  • eco-tourism and leisure activites,
  • training and education (professions in the organic sector, ecology, etc.),
  • environmental protection (associations, initiatives…),
  • industry events (trade fairs, conferences, workshops, etc.),
  • and many others…

A desire to stand out

A platform only in French language is ultimately very self-oriented; it is to be limited to a French-speaking audience. It seemed obvious to us to offer our content in other languages ​​in order to promote you, the talents of the responsible “Made in France“, beyond the national borders.

Driving force, Founder, Publication manager.

Oh là là, Bravo !

Oh là là, Bravo ! directory

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