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Coeur de choc - chocolatier (77)

Cœur de Choc, the passion for organic artisanal chocolate

Meeting with Jessica Daugeron and Antoine Marchon, in charge of the Cœur de Choc company in Montigny-sur-Loing, near Fontainebleau in Seine-et-Marne (77), who have been producing organic chocolates since 2016.

Our chocolates are handcrafted, with due respect for our products. We make all of our recipes with chocolate and organic ingredients, without lecithin and gluten. Our suppliers are all certified organic (Ecocert) and their raw materials from fair trade: for example, our cocoa beans come from organic farms located mainly in the Dominican Republic.

Does organic work involve more work?

In a lot of dark chocolates on the market, lecithin is used to bind the ingredients together to compensate for the lack of cocoa butter, which normally plays this role. All of our products are made from pure cocoa butter chocolate, an ingredient more expensive and rarer than the dry matter and also lecithin free. Working with a chocolate without lecithin is more difficult and requires more rigor during the different stages of its production, in particular tempering, moulding and demoulding.

What makes industrial chocolate different from organic artisanal chocolate like yours?

You should know that cocoa butter has the particularity of melting at 36°C, which is roughly the temperature of the human body. The use of vegetable fats and lecithin (from soybeans, sunflowers, etc.) modify the behaviour of chocolate when consumed, because they melt at a higher temperature. The tasting of these products does not give an optimal taste because some components remain in a solid state on contact with the palate. It is the rapid melting of cocoa butter in the mouth, releasing all the aromas at the same time, which provides these multiple sensations of pleasure.

How are roles distributed within the company?

We share the tasks according to our skills and our desires! I manage the chocolate production, the commercial part and the deliveries while Jessica manages the packaging, the preparation of the orders and the administration. We also have an employee, Margaux, who is responsible for packaging, preparing orders and welcoming customers.

What is the philosophy of your company?

Our life is simple and pleasant, we enjoy the life we have built for ourselves and above all we are greedy for good products and like to share them! We try to think and act in a sustainable, fair and responsible manner at every moment of the day in all our activities: sorting waste, adjusting the temperature, saving water, turning off the lights, choose biodegradable cleaning products, minimalist recyclable packaging (no aluminium) and all our displays are made from recyclable or recycled cardboard.

What are your products and where are they sold?

We currently have a range of 18 bars of all tastes: dark chocolate bars at 70 or 100% (with almonds, hemp, praline, ginger …), milk chocolate bars (with walnut coconut, praline, caramel …) and white chocolate bars (with almonds, coconut …) as well as energetic balls. We regularly offer new recipes but also complementary products such as teas, herbal teas … You can get our products on our online store and from our resellers if you are an individual or contact us if you are a professional (enterprise works council). We are also present throughout the year at numerous chocolate and organic fairs.

What is your current news, what are your plans for the future?

We are preparing small novelties but it remains a surprise! And always with good 100% ORGANIC products! Our range remains simple but true! We really want that craft remains recognized because there is a lot of deception in the matter of chocolate. We always offer different containers depending on the season, our customers know it and are always delighted with new products! Our objective is to develop local trade but also to make our chocolates known throughout the territory through the many fairs we do. We want to stay on a family scale, we don’t want to become an industry! We also have to develop sales within works councils, in grocery stores and through online sales.

One last word to spread or wish ?

Eat local and artisanal while preserving the planet, we also work for the environment by being careful with waste, by recycling cardboard boxes as much as possible, by collecting waste, by making toads cross … when we walk, by planting perennials in our garden, eating local, etc. We are proud to be part of the Biosphere of Fontainebleau, which is particularly close to our hearts, and we try to explain all this to our customers, it is very important for us …

We are also a partner of the Pays de Fontainebleau SMICTOM with the new sorting and waste management machines in the forest … In short, we are involved chocolate makers, for real, in organic and respect for people, wildlife and flora! Our role is also to inform the people around us.

Cœur de Choc
1 Rue Roger Genty, Sorques, 77690 Montigny-sur-Loing, France
Phone: (+33) 06 14 15 83 86 / (+33) 06 23 43 04 37

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