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organic donkey milk

Donkey milk for skin care

Who has not heard of Cleopatra who took baths exclusively in donkey milk. This remedy was also known to ancient people for its therapeutic qualities, the doctors of ancient Greece already recommended it.

Thanks to its exceptional composition (vitamins A, B, C and fatty acids), donkey’s milk is an ideal tensor for the skin and has the power to slow down ageing by regeneration. It also contains trace elements and minerals (phosphorus, calcium).

Donkey milk soap is suitable for the whole family, is ideal for washing babies and children, it is suitable for all skin types and it is particularly comforting for dry skin as well as those suffering from acne or ‘eczema.

To produce donkey milk for soap making, you need a large number of donkeys. The donkey produces about 1 to 8 litres of milk per day, while the cow produces 40l. This milk cannot be used in full, a large part being reserved for the colt which is left with its mother until weaning, that is to say around the age of 10 months. One withdraws in several daily milking of 1 to 1.5 litres per day.

This taking happens when the colt diversifies its diet, around the age of 2 months. Complementary food is then distributed to him. The colt being separated from the mother all day, however, must remain visible so that the lactation does not dry up.

Little used for drinking due to low productivity and cost, donkey milk is mainly used in the manufacture of soaps and cosmetics.

Meeting with players in the organic sector:

Sophie Langui, cosmetologist and creator of the Laboratoire Paysane in Ségur-le-Château in Corrèze (19), specializing in organic cosmetics made with donkey milk.

Going back to the roots of cosmetics with current scientific knowledge is my daily driving force.

The company combines two activities: a farm and a processing laboratory. The fresh milk comes from the farm donkeys (Cotentin donkeys) and all cosmetic products are made on site, which ensures full traceability.

organic donkey milk soap
organic donkey milk soap

The 55 hectares of the farm are certified organic by Ecocert and Bio Cosm’Etic guarantee 95% organic ingredients for cosmetics and 80% for soap.

Producer of organic donkey milk, the company also produces a majority of the vegetable oils necessary for the manufacture of soaps, including hemp oil cultivated in organic farming.

For the soaps, we use the technique of cold saponification because it respects the natural properties of donkey milk, a process that allows 40% fresh milk to be incorporated.

Since 2007, the company has developed several brands and declined a range of skin care for the whole family, including donkey milk soaps, baby washing waters and gels, repairing creams and balms, as well as shampoos, and many more that you can discover online.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact them:

Laboratoire Paysane
La Combe 19230 Ségur-Le-Château /

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