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chocolat bio français

Organic chocolate

Since its introduction to the court in the 17th century, France has always been a great country of chocolate tradition like Switzerland, Belgium and Italy. Chocolate has always occupied a key place in the French gastronomic landscape and we all have a sensory bond with it since our childhood.

The chocolate industry is today a pillar of the agri-food industry and the French economy, it exports more than half of its production abroad. Per capita consumption of chocolate is still more or less stable at around 7kg per capita per year, which places us 5th in Europe. The French have a marked preference for dark chocolate, which has a more bitter taste and is richer in cocoa.

Even if the biggest sales are made mainly in supermarkets (80%), 20% of purchases are still made in specialized stores and chocolate factories. Faced with industrial manufacturers in the sector, chocolate makers therefore always have a card of excellence to play through their working methods and the choice of the origin of their cocoa.

In recent years, the market has evolved with consumer demand for more refined products with more powerful and subtle flavours, as well as organic and responsible chocolates.

We went to take the pulse of the organic sector with those who give it all its letters of nobility and who work every day to make us more informed and demanding.

Chocolatiers d’Art et Cie, close encounter of the third kind between organic chocolate and 3D printing.

Since 2015, Paul and Adrien have been the master chocolatiers at the head of the Maison “Chocolatiers d’Art et Cie” in Drôme (South West of France). They strive to maintain old-fashioned know-how thus guaranteeing the quality of an exceptional product, while regularly experimenting with new flavours and allowing themselves to innovate thanks to new technologies (food 3D printer).

Focusing mainly on the local, our chocolate factory is artisanal, and is in line with small businesses that have built their reputation on the quality and uniqueness of their product. Our chocolate is processed in an ecological approach, we make a point of providing fair trade chocolate, pure origin and guaranteed without gluten, lactose or soy lecithin.

Personalized chocolate bars
A real promotional tool combining pleasure, an ethical approach and quality, our high-end organic labelled dark chocolate (74% cocoa) can be personalized on the front and back. Square, round, rectangle, honeycomb or even triangle, all shapes are possible to enhance your message or your logo on one side and on the other you can choose from the 22 flavours that you wish to discover.

Chocolate sculptures
Our other type of personalization, still based on 3D printing technology or moulds, is based on the production of a piece of art in chocolate, to be eaten or displayed. You are an artist, illustrator, sculptor or simply an art lover, decline your work in chocolate, as an original piece or in series.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact them:

Chocolatiers d’Art et Cie
9, rue Pasteur Boegner 26400 Aouste-sur-Sye, France

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