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biodynamics in France

What is biodynamic agriculture?

A practice still marginal a few years ago, biodynamic agriculture is a rather unknown form of organic farming. It is a type of agricultural production that historically developed in the Germanic countries at the beginning of the 20th century in response to the consequences of intensive agriculture.

Steiner pedagogy

As early as the 1920s, the search for productivity and yield already gave a glimpse of the premises of modern intensive agriculture: the use of ever more fertilizers, excessive mechanization … farmers faced a reduction in yields and in the quality of their products (cereals, animals).

Rudolf Steiner, philosopher and occultist of Austrian origin, then offered farmers a new approach to organic farming based on a predominantly esoteric philosophical-spiritual line of thought (anthroposophy) which takes into account in particular the lunar and solar cycles, cosmic influences of the planets on the elements (earth, water, air, fire) and advocates respect for terrestrial rhythms; it considers the Earth as a living being which may be weakened by human activities. In addition, it is based on the use of specific preparations (based on minerals, horn dung, composts or fermentation of plants, etc.) with the aim of strengthening plants and soil energy.

As in organic farming, biodynamic farming opposes the use of chemicals and synthetic additives, and any chemical process in the processing of agricultural products.

Modern biodynamic agriculture

In France, biodynamic is overseen by an organization, the Mouvement de l’Agriculture Bio-Dynamique (MABD) and by an international brand, Demeter, which certifies raw and processed agricultural products (food products, cosmetics and textiles). In 2020, Demeter is present in 65 countries and federates, in France, 735 agricultural domains and more than 140 processors and distributors. These certified activities are beekeepers, arborists, breeders, market gardeners, cultivators of aromatic and medicinal plants, seed producers and winegrowers …

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